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E-Business Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

E-Business Management - Essay Example The highly dynamic and competitive characteristics of e-businesses offer to generate revenue streams in various ways. As Dave (2003) noted, â€Å"all electronically mediated information exchanges, both within an organization and with external stakeholders supporting the range of business processes†, organization needs improved e-business technologies in order to formulate a sustainable business strategy. Innovation among e-businesses usually occurs through new exchange and transaction mechanisms not found in traditional organizations. Due to lack of geographical boundaries, virtual markets are reachable to a huge number of people and products. It is also economically viable for firms to outsource their services quickly and cheaply to the developing countries. Over the last few decades, the dynamics of highly competitive global industry have forced organizations to rethink and re-evaluate the way they design competitive strategies in accordance with the fluctuating demand and d iverse technologies. According to Robert Grant (2005), â€Å"When the external environment is in a state of flux, the firm itself, in terms of its bundle of resources and capabilities, may be a much more stable basis on which to define its identity†. ... Strategic Application of E-CRM and E-Marketing According to Lee-Kelley, Gilbert and Mannicom (2003), â€Å"e-CRM refers to the marketing activities, tools and techniques, delivered over the Internet (using technologies such as Web sites and e-mail, data-capture, warehousing and mining) with a specific aim to locate, build and improve long-term customer relationships to enhance their individual potential.† The adoption of e-commerce has long-term impacts on business profitability. Larger customers reach and existing customers’ base has potential for increasing revenues. Additionally, electronic service greatly reduces the operational costs such as staff, transport and materials reducing the purchasing costs. It also helps to improve communication and relationships with workforce, suppliers and customers. Complex business processes get simplified and standardized increasing the speed of access to information. Integrated business processes improve reliability, accuracy and also shorten the delivery time. After the advent of World Wide Web, firms are using digital technologies such as intranets, extranets, online purchasing and e-government services to promote sales. Companies experienced increase in their stock prices by adapting to the internet. For instance, the web store of North West Supplies is online since 2002. In the first six months of website launch, the company had increased sales by ?20,000 through application of pay per click advertising. In order to reduce further advertising costs, the company redesigned its website and implemented Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The improvements in website design and marketing methods added to the NWS brand value increasing the annual turnover from ?250,000 to ?350,000. For

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Research Paper - Sexual Assault - Part One Essay

Research Paper - Sexual Assault - Part One - Essay Example Sexual assault, which is a general term encompassing rape, sexual battery and sexual harassment, is the forcible, non-consensual subjection of a person into an unwanted sexual activity by the use of physical or emotional violence. It can be physical, verbal or visual (e.g voyeurism). Sexual assault statutes vary from state to state but basically it is based on the precept that no one has the right or the privilege to coerce sexual contact and that a person has the right to determine who may touch hiss/her body and â€Å"when and under what circumstances†. Moreover, â€Å"each person has the right not only to decide whether to engage in sexual contact with another, but also to control the circumstances and character of that contact† (Brody et al 2000, p.426). The act of sexual assault is consummated when the assailant has intended to perform forcible nonconsensual sexual contact but fails to actually complete the act (Lindemann & Kadue 1999, p. 373). Herein, a demarcation line is drawn between rape and sexual assault because on the basis of this definition, sexual assault is tantamount to attempted rape and sexual battery. One author kept one step ahead by suggesting that sexual assault has been institutionalized since time immemorial and that the culprit is patriarchy, which propagates male gender domination favoring man’s power to exploit without legal restraint women and children â€Å"whose consent is mainly taken for granted unless actively withheld and whose communications are consistently devalued or misinterpreted because of patriarchal values and assumptions† (Pickard et al 2002, p.542). Many state laws are also one in affirming that to convict the sexual assailant, it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt that â€Å"there was sexual penetration and that it was accomplished without the affirmative and freely-given permission of the alleged victim† (Brody 2000,

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Quantitative Easing - Decreasing Interest Rates Research Paper

Quantitative Easing - Decreasing Interest Rates - Research Paper Example The practice is entirely different from the usual approach of purchasing and selling government bonds to maintain a targeted market interest rate. It must be emphasized that a central bank uses new electronically created money for the purchase of financial assets in order to implement quantitative easing policy. This practice is helpful for increasing excess bank reserves which in turn may lower yields. The ultimate goal of the quantitative easing policy is to cut down long-term interest rates so as to stimulate economic activities. For this purpose, monetary authorities purchase financial assets of longer maturity and thereby reduce long-term interest rates on the yield curve. In addition, the tool of quantitative easing is very helpful to ensure that inflation rate does not fall below the targeted level. This paper will analyze the pros and cons of quantitative easing and will discuss whether the Fed has a choice of using this tool in a highly recessionary economy. Benefits of Quan titative Easing As Elliott (2009) purports, the unconventional quantitative easing monetary policy may assists banks to keep excess reserves with them and hence to lend largely to businesses and individual borrowers. In turn, businesses will use these additional funds to finance productive activities including infrastructure development and R&D. Similarly, individual borrowers will use this new fund for their day to day activities or investment purposes. This will ensure effective circulation of money throughout the economy. Hence, these increased economic activities will certainly assist the economy to come out of stagnation and stimulate economic growth. Since this monetary tool is helpful to keep the inflation at a moderate level, it assists regulators to prevent the economy from falling into deflationary conditions. According to Kollewe (as cited in the guardian, 2009), US, UK, and Japan are very much interested in quantitative easing policies as a way to stabilize economic grow th. The writer points out that the US was the first country which used quantitative easing as a response to its recessionary conditions. According to International Monetary Fund, the major developed countries that deployed the quantitative easing policy since the beginning of the 21st century were less affected by the 2008 global financial crisis as compared to other industrially developed economies. During the 2008 global financial crisis, it has been identified that the quantitative easing boosted the financial markets by adding liquidity. A weaker currency that amplified export demand is also identified to be one of the major desirable side effects of quantitative easing policy. To a certain extent, the quantitative easing technique has assisted economies to diminish unemployment rate. While analyzing the US economy, it is obvious that this unconventional monetary tool has played a crucial role in the economy in overcoming the dreadful impacts of the 2008 global financial crisis. As per the report of Hermansson (2010), economists hold the view that US’ entire budget deficit would be funded for a fiscal year, if the quantitative easing has been set as high as $1 trillion. In order to take advantages of the quantitative easing policy, the Fed used the returns of previous bond purchases to acquire new long-term financial assets in 2010.  

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Literature Review on Nursing Home Quality Essay

Literature Review on Nursing Home Quality - Essay Example This website contains a study on quality improvement programs in nursing homes in various states. The site claims that the purpose of this "study is to inform state and federal policymakers about state-initiated quality improvement programs, with the particular goal of providing information to states that may wish to develop similar programs in their state." An independent site that provides information on various medical facilities including nursing homes. The site contains information on quality efforts by IPRO in the state of New York alone. The site claims that "IPRO has entered into the 8th Scope of Work (SOW) as the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for New York State. IPRO's Nursing Home Quality Improvement (NHQI) team works with nursing homes throughout the state to help improve the quality of care for nursing home residents by providing facilities with complimentary clinical resources, quality improvement materials, and, where indicated or requested, 1:1 technical support." This site provides legal information concerning nursing homes in the US. The site deals particularly with the NURSING HOME REFORM ACT OF 1987 and any information pertaining to that can be accessed on this site. It is an excellent site containing important information on elderly abuse in nursing homes. This site helps consumers identify signs of elderly abuse and directs them to seek legal help in their states. This article addreArticles The Extent of Quality Improvement Activities in Nursing Homes -- Lee and Wendling 19 (6): 255 -- American Journal of Medical Quality This article addresses the problem of quality of nursing home care, which it recognizes as a cause of concern. The article discusses in detail the Nursing Home Quality Initiative launched by the federal government, which is meant to improve quality (QI). In order to assess the effectiveness of this initiative, the article examines the preparation done for the implementation of QI. The data comes from surveys of two Kansas nursing homes and it is found that most answers are

Internal Environmental Scan/ - 950 Words

Assignment 2: Internal Environmental Scan/Organizational Assessment This section provides the opportunity to develop your course projec...