Thursday, October 31, 2019

Evidence-Based Practice Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Evidence-Based Practice - Research Paper Example lity quasi-experimental or randomized group design research and three high quality single subject design researches carried out by at least three different study groups or researchers ( Social narratives are visually designed stories that illustrate social circumstances together with socially relevant responses or actions that help persons with autism spectrum disorder acquire and use relevant social skills. Some of the social skills include self-management, decision-making, communication, peer relations and problem-solving abilities. These skills allow individuals to start and sustain positive social relationships. There are numerous narrative approaches that have been developed to meet the social skills shortfalls of persons with ASD. The educators or parents write the narratives that are designed to improve social intelligence. Social narratives help persons with ASD to gain information about the views and emotions of other people. They also help in understanding contextual information that the individuals with ASD may have missed. Social narratives can be an efficient, inexpensive approach that promotes heightened social and behavioral comprehension (Autisminte The first step in creating social narratives is to identify the social situation that needs intervention. The author selects a social behavior that should change, preferably the one in which improvement will enhance social interactions, new social learning opportunities, or even safer environment. The second step is to define clearly the target behavior for data collection. It can be done in a style that all individuals involved in data collection understand it. The author should ensure that the target behavior defined is observable, measurable and specific. In the third step, the author collects baseline data on the target behavior. If the data is gathered over a long period, it will allow the author to determine learning and outcome trends

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